Drop In’s

K3Crossfit welcomes all Drop Ins. Whether you are in town for a short visit and have CrossFit experience or if this is your first time trying a new workout regimen, we welcome you! Sign up online or contact us! First time CrossFitters enjoy your first class for FREE! We welcome you to come in and workout to see if our gym would be a great fit for you!


New to CrossFit? No problem! We have developed a membership option specifically for you! We offer 3 one-on-one training sessions where we go over all things CrossFit in a less intimidating environment. During these classes we will go over CrossFit lingo, fundamental movements, equipment, scheduling, and general information to get you ready for our normal class times! It is a great tool to help you to feel comfortable, ask questions, and learn proper technique. Also, this time is very helpful for us to get to know you better while learning about your abilities, limitations, etc. These classes include a workout! So come ready to sweat!

*Elements membership includes 3 one-on-one personal training sessions + 1 month membership

*Part-Time and Full-Time options are available


We pride ourselves on our Programming! You are sure to see results! We offer Part Time and Full Time options, as well as contract agreements and month-to-month options. There is a membership option for you!

Part Time Memberships- 12 classes/month

Full Time Memberships- unlimited class options


This class does not require any previous CrossFit experience but does require a commitment to work hard! K3Fit is a 40-60 minute class 3 times a week. This class focuses on conditioning using lighter weights, kettlebells, dumbbells, core work, and body weight movements. There is an emphasis ongetting leaner and more toned versus stronger. K3Fit classes meet Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights at 6:30 PM. For only $65 per month, you can start transforming your lifestyle and get the results you’ve been waiting for. This class can be beneficial for everyone from beginners with little workout experience to more advanced athletes.. The K3Fit programming is no joke and is no doubt a lot of fun!