Our Team

We are proud to provide a Crossfit gym with a wealth of knowledge and experience from all walks of life. We believe our team continues to strive to be the best and provide the best experience in the area. With 10 crossfit level 1 certified coaches, we are able to offer classes from 5:00am through 8:30pm 5 days a week and multiple classes throughout the weekend.

We love our team and we know you will too!


Jeff Moss - Owner/Head Coach

  • CrossFit L1 Certified Trainer

  • USA Weightlifting Certified

  • CrossFit Gymnastic Certified

Jeff Moss is the owner and head coach at K3 Crossfit! He stumbled upon Crossfit in 2013 after hisworkouts at a regular gym began to feel monotonous. Having a background in various sports andrecreation for many years, he wanted a new workout regimen where he could push himself and strive to accomplish new skills and strengths. Immediately after starting, Jeff fell in love with Crossfit and the community at K3 Crossfit. After training for a year, Jeff developed knowledge by experience and gained a passion for the movements and for helping others reach their fitness goals. “My goal as a coach is to always provide a welcoming environment. Anyone is capable of doing Crossfit. I want to push every athlete to give 100% in every workout while maintaining safe, functional movements. I understand the struggles of pushing yourself in some of the grueling workouts, and I want to promote a positive setting in which you can do so.


Jenessa Moss-Owner

  • Crossfit L1 Certified

  • CPR Certified

I am a busy mother of two little ladies, co-owner of K3 Crossfit, and an X-ray tech at Riverside Hospital. I started my Crossfit journey a little over 4 years ago. When I began I was 100% out of shape and un-athletic. I could not even run a mile. My story really shows that anyone can Crossfit. Crossfit gave me an outlet to actually enjoy working out. It made my workouts fun, pushed me harder than I could ever push myself, and held me accountable to getting work done. For me it was perfect! Strong really does feel so empowering! The community and all of the members have since become a 2nd family! I have experience from all levels of fitness and even enjoyed staying fit through my pregnancy and post-partum. I want to be a great example for my daughters and their generation to show how important it is to be healthy, stay active, and to have confidence in yourself.


Calvin Rink

  • Crossfit L1 Certified

  • Crossfit Gymnastic Certified

Coach Calvin is a great athlete and an awesome CrossFit coach! “I CrossFit, watch Seinfeld, love to cook, and can make some serious coffee. Started in 2012, I am passionate about coaching and helping others succeed. Sharing my CrossFit experiences and knowledge with people is what I do best!”


Jill Morrall

  • Crossfit L1 Certified

I’ve been doing CrossFit since November 2013. I was hooked after my first workout! I love that it pushes me to work hard during my workouts and it makes me feel strong! I’m a mom of two and it’s important to me that I’m showing my kids by example the importance of health and fitness. I’ve also met a lot of amazing people through CrossFit and the social aspect is something I’ve never experienced at any other gym.




I started my journey with CrossFit in November 2013. I fell in love with CrossFit because of the culture it creates. It is motivating and rewarding and the members of the CrossFit community are hands down the best people. I loved the challenge, how different each workout was, how strong it made me feel, but most of all it was the people who encouraged and cheered me on each day to give everything I had. My goal is for everyone is to feel the same way and to get a little bit better every workout. Whether it is a PR, learning a new skill, or even just smiling a little bit more than when you walked in that door.


Austin Miller

  • Crossfit L1 Certified


Kaase El-Talabani

  • Crossfit L1 Certified

  • Physical Therapist


Reilly Good

  • Crossfit L1 Certified

I have been doing crossfit for over 3 years now. Coming from a collegiate sport, I needed something competitive that was challenging. Crossfit was that answer. Now that I have been in the sport for a while it has made me want to Coach as well. It is amazing to help others achieve goals they have set for themselves. I am excited to be a part of the K3 team of awesome coaching.





Jim Reginier

  • Crossfit L1 Certified

The coaches have been so patient and so encouraging. Some of the BEST coaching staff I’ve ever encountered hands down!! Every athlete is at a different level they modify everything to each persons ability.
— Mary K.